Rough Cut Soaps presents you The Tangy Soap which is rich in orange peel powder and orange oil nutrients and beneficial to skin and helps to calms you stress. This tangy soap is full of antiseptic and antibacterial properties. These properties get rid of skin infections, promotes a clear complexion and keep you away from potential skin diseases.

This soap bar is rich in vitamin c which will keep your skin supple and moistuzed. The orange oils present in it helps to soothe your skins and uplifts your senses. Its a sedative property that helps you to get a good sleep over night . The orange peel powder helps to cleanse the skin and gently exfoliate the skin and removes the dead cells. through this process and due to the vitamins c present in it helps to remove the tan and gives you a healthy glowing skin.

Almond milk is one of those alternatives that you should be choosing for achieving great skin. Almond milk is not just tasty but also really rich in vitamin B, calcium, protein and iron. All of which works wonders for not just your skin, but also your hair and nails. Hence, switch to almond milk if you wish to keep your skin looking clean, supply and healthy for the years to come.

Tangy Soap


  • Nourishes and exfoliate the skin.
  • Stress booster.
  • Restores the supple of the skin.
  • Removes impurities and reduce the tan.
  • It helps to maintain healthy glow on your skin.
  • It helps to clear the skin.
  • Cruelty, SLS, paraben free.
  • 100% vegan and handmade.
  • Crafted to provide you the ultimate luxurious bathing experience.


Orange peel powder, orange oil, Almond milk, Glycerin, Distilled water, Coconut oil, Steric acid, caustic soda, fragrance oil.